Heritage is considered to be the inheritance of present day society

Shops / Industry

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Branston Brewery

Branston Brewery by Paul Hickman

Branston Gas Works

Branston Gas Works

Egg Packing Ladies

Egg Packing Ladies about 1940 / 1950s.

Shirley Good, Ivy King, Marge Kirk, Kath Habbot, Dol Kitchen, Mrs. Pearson, M. Pedge, Mrs. Smith, Bet Jacklin, Phil Dickson, Mrs. Taylor, Nan Espin.

Egg Packing Staff

Front Row (Left to Right)
Betty Jacklin, Mrs. Rastall, Jessie Liversedge, Kath Malibalt, Arnold Teesdale, Nancy Woodcock, Hazel South, Brenda South, Evelin Stanley.

Middle Row (Left to Right)
Earnie Taylor, ?, Ada Smith, ?, Lyneta Baker, Edie Espin, Edie Leigh, Mrs. Elkington, Nell Brown, ?, Ivy King, Biddy Jackson, Francis Cucksey, John Speed.

Top Row (Left to Right)
Nan Espin, Donis Taylor, ?, Mrs. Howe, ?, Dally Kitchen, Phyllis Dixon, Mrs. Clay, ?, ?

Eric Clipson's Chicken Farm


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